Nature Pictures From West Virginia

Hi all,

Very nice website here and I love trying to translate all of the comments. I use Googles translator to read what you are saying. It is nice to know that a love for nature pictures has no boundaries! ;D

Are there many pictures here that are realted to waterfalls? Waterfalls are some of my favorite subjects and I try to get pictures of them all the time. It is cold and winter here now though so it makes it hard to get good pictures of the waterfalls when it is freezing.

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ForestWander :photo:



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Hi ForestWander
Very nice picture, indeed.

Would be better if you choose a bigger size. You can upload unto 900 pixel




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Beautifull picture

Dafür ist mein englisch zu schlecht:
Die scharfen steine und die Pfütze finde ich sehr gelungen

Gruß Lumix